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Friday, August 01, 2008

Mom is gone, woot woot!

Hello all! This is Mary, Nichole, and Christina acting as Mr. and Mrs. Stephens for the weekend. Below are pictures from day one. WARNING: this is what will happen if you leave your children in our care.

Side note: No children were intentionally or seriously injured for the making of this blog.
Second Side Note: it is NEVER a good idea to stay logged into your blogger account while out of town!

Kari we love you and are glad you left the kids medical cards for us, see you on Sunday!


bossbug said...

Oh how sweet of y'all to let me keep up with the going ons while I'm away! No stitches YET, right:)
Love you ALL!

Nichole said...

YES! We were SO wanting you to see this while you were still gone. We have LOTS of stories for you when you get home.
We love and miss you
Nichole, Mary, Christina, Dakota, Kye, and Kru

bossbug said...

I'm anxiously awaiting!!!;)

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

As a fellow mom, Kari, I got to see your children several times this weekend, saw the scratch on Kru's leg happen and your children, although a little worse for wear on the outside, were very loved and taken care of on the inside and had lots and lots of fun!!!