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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wanna Be Gardener!!!

I'm a wanna be gardener! I WANT to have gorgeous flowers blooming all over the front yard, back yard, everywhere! I want to have a beautiful garden with tons of veges growing, even though my family wouldn't eat any of it!!! I want to have a green thumb because flowers make me happy!!!
Flowers and things growing make me stop and rest! They make me acknowledge how awesome God is!! I love this time of year because everything is green again!! And there are flowers everywhere! Spring is my 2nd favorite season!!!

So....because I want to be good at planting and growing flowers, I bought a couple of pots a while back and Kye and Kru helped me plant. We bought what was pretty to us and when the boys saw the picture of a strawberry on the front of a green plant, they begged to have strawberries!! So we bought 1 strawberry plant and planted it amongst the other flowers that we chose that day. My garden is a small pot, but you have to begin somewhere, right!?!

My flowers haven't been doing very well, I'm killing Marigolds for crying out loud! BUT... the strawberry bush is doing very nice!!! And today, we picked our first 2 strawberries!!! YEAH!!! I was super excited so of course had to document it with photos and a blog post!!!

The first one that we picked and tasted was nice and sweet! They do taste different than store-bought!

The 2nd one was a little smaller and not as sweet, but still a nice treat!

Kru was excited about what was going on, but didn't want to try either!

So Dakota, Kye and I tasted them

We have several other strawberries on the plant and look forward to many more to come.

I believe that we will be planting more strawberry plants soon due to the excitement!!!

So...I may not be a real gardener, but I'm ok with that!!! :)

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Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

How fun!!

I can't grow anything...seriously.

If you grow vegetables, we will eat them. We are partial to yellow squash, yum!!!!