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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Oprah's Church

I'm sure many of you have seen or heard about this already, but as of late last night, I hadn't.

I have to tell you that after watching it, I wanted to throw up and cry all at the same time!!!

This disturbed me so much! And even after sleeping I am still bothered.

This morning in my quiet time I asked the Lord to show me why it bothered me so much! I mean the obvious is that she has denounced Christ! And is "teaching" untruths. Another is because of the enormous influence and impact that she has on SO many people.

I never knew that she had denied Christ! Really blew my mind and upset me. She does so many wonderful things for so many, but she obviously is lost and needs the Lord. She is believing lies.

To be honest, 5 years or so ago I probably would have believed everything that she said. I was lost. I didn't know for sure what I believed or why I believed what I thought I did. (Wow! Did that make sense?) When Dakota was a baby, I watched Oprah religiously! I read every book that she had for her book club, no matter how disturbing the material. I thought, "well, if she recommended it, it must be good and I'm reading things that I would never be exposed to otherwise."

I know stupid and naive!

But I did! I would set the vcr (before dvrs) and watch her when I got home from work. I would say 8-10 years ago she had a book called The Seat of the Soul. I bought it and began reading it. Very different from anything that I had heard or read before. I think I actually discussed some of it with my dad. I didn't finish that one, but probably a little part of me believed it.

This morning though, I think that what the Lord really showed me and told me, but look where you are now and how different you are. Thank you, Jesus!!! I am beyond words thankful that I know the Truth and that I no longer have confusion about what I believe. God saved me and showed me His way and His truth. And because of Jesus I KNOW I am saved and it is only through Him that I am saved!!! ONLY JESUS!!!

I don't read all of her books anymore and I rarely watch her, I may set the dvr if a star that I like or am interested is on. The last show I watched of hers was the Cosby show kids reunion, brought back some nice memories. The last book I read was "The Road."

I remember when this book selection came out, The New Earth, and then the web classes, I thought it was a little weird, but now after watching the video.... WOW!

My point in posting this is to make more people aware. Just because someone or something looks great and does wonderful things, doesn't mean that they are pointing people the right way or to the right One! I'm certainly not trying to get anyone to hate Oprah, we need to pray for her to get saved. Can you imagine how the Lord could use her for His purposes!!!

Tell me what you think! Comment!!! I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Did this bother you? Were you or are you confused by the comments made in the video? We are told in John, that Jesus is the ONLY way, the one and only way!!!!


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Thank You Jesus for the Holy Spirit that helps us to fight off these lies the minute we hear them.

So many are being deceived. It really is scary.

But God is bigger than Oprah!!!!

tonia said...

I did buy the book A New Earth and couldn't get past the first chapter. I then watched the first web cast and haven't touched any of it again. I felt the same way. Was sick to my stomach and so disappointed! It just goes to show that we have to really know the bible so that we don't get lost in unbelief. I have to say the same thing, 5 years ago, I might have followed. But thank you Jesus that I have the truth down deep in my heart and know Him for who he really is!!

Thank you for your posting. I hadn't shared my feeling with anyone about this book, but now realize that I need to stand for what I believe and let my voice be heard. Your such a blessing!

Kari said...

Thanks ladies for your comments!

I do believe that it is time to stand boldly for the Lord! No matter who it is!:)

Thank you Jesus!

Whitney said...

you inspired me to blog again...

Kari said...

Wasn't me, you sweet thing!!!!

It was the Lord!!!!