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Friday, April 04, 2008

Texas Bluebonnets!!!!

Did you know that the Texas state flower is the Bluebonnet?
Well, it is!
And even though it is illegal, every year, you will find
people sitting in Bluebonnets, taking pictures.
Yes, you heard me correctly!
Professional pics too.
People have gynormous portraits of their families.

Last year, I guess I wasn't Texan enough,
because we missed out on the whole photo op.
BUT!!!! I vowed that this year, I was going to
take a photo with me and the boys in the flowers!
Who cares if I have 3 boys!
I'm not a boy, and I love flowers!

So a few days ago, on a cloudy kind of day, I made the boys change
their shirts and nabbed Whitney to help me
and we journeyed about a minute away from the house...
AND ....
(disclaimer....there are so many to show you how frustrating it is to capture a good photo of all 3boys at the exact same time!!!!!!)

SERIOUSLY!!!! Out of all those, there really wasn't 1
that was good of everyone! And I was wanting to
print of an 8x10 for Mother's Day for myself!
So my fabulous husband did some magic in Photoshop!
And here is the picture of all us looking oh so pretty!!!

It looks great and he even added some extra flowers in the back
to take away the empty patch!!!
Thanks babe!
I LOVE IT!!!!!

So now you know.... and know that I'm not the only one who
took pictures like this, how do you think there was an
empty patch behind us!?!
Someone else's hiney had smushed those Bluebonnets!! :)

And of course, we had to get some shots with Ms. Whit!!!
Love you Whitney!!!!!

God has brought this delightful, beautiful, talented, special, loving,
God-fearing, devoted, sweet girl into my life and my boys' lives!
We are so blessed to consider her a part of our family
and so happy that Jesus has connected us together FOREVER!
And today.... she is DONE with student teaching and school!!
We love you!!!!

1 comment:

Whitney said...

oh my! i received some AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS flowers in a precious coffee cup and some super fun balloons!

Kari, thank you so much for caring enough to do that for me! it made my day very special! i'm so so so so thankful for you and your family! i just want to get out of school right now and drive over and give you some lovin!