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Monday, October 22, 2007

Rainy Days on Mondays....Nice Reprieve!!!

Ahhh.... the rain...

Today we woke up to an overcast rainy day. I LOVE it! I'm actually wearing a light jacket!

I feel a little bad, I sent the boys to school in shorts, but it's not that cold!!! :)

It's a nice reprieve from the hot Saturday we had. During Dakota's soccer game, my face got sunburnt. So bizarre! My right side of my face was a little more red than the left!! But it has already faded.

We had Dakota's birthday Saturday afternoon and it was hot, but breezy. Last year it was hot no breeze, so this was a little better. We had a good time at the park with some of Dakota's friends from church and school. It was so great this year to have a few of the moms stay and visit. I have friends!!!!! Last year, I didn't know anyone, so I was so blessed to have some fellowship time with other moms during Dakota's party! So thanks Kelly, Erika, Mayra and Stacy.

I will add pictures from the party soon, Kru just woke up from his nap and it's near impossible to blog with him wanting the computer!! Have a grand week!

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