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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dakota's Party

A Ben 10 Themed Cake!

Dakota, Kye and Darrin enjoy watching the cartoon Ben 10. So Dakota wanted a Ben 10 cake. Having made cakes now since Dakota was 3, I still had no idea what to do!!! This character/alien is CannonBolt. I think he looks pretty close to the real deal, but I'm obviously biased.

Dakota invited friends from church and school to a neighborhood park for his party. Playing 4 square and football were among the activities. Anson's present was super popular, a blasting off bomber man that shoots 30 feet up into the air. The best part was it required no batteries, all done armstrong, so we were able to enjoy this immediately. Kru, Kye and Kye's friend Daniel loved this!!! It is way cool!!! Thanks Anson!!! :)

Having a party outside, can have one downfall, you can not light candles especially when there is a nice breeze! So we faked the picture for scrapbooking purposes, of course! Count them, 11!

Connor had a fun time making sure that Dakota REALLY enjoyed his cake!

Among the gifts was a PSP. Dakota was incredibly thrilled to receive this. And he also became the owner of his first ever CD, The Jonas Brothers. He has downloaded it onto his PSP along with Newsboys. I'm not sure if I'm ready for this next phase, but here it is!!!

He had a great day and like every year he continued to say, "This was the best birthday ever!"


Kim Cornette said...

Kari, I remember when you took the home pregnancy test! I can hardly believe Dakota is 11.

Kari said...

Oh the memories!!!! That seems like an eternity ago, yet just like yesterday! How does that happen!