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Friday, October 19, 2007

Eleven Years Ago, I was Blessed!

On October 19, 1996 at 9:10 a.m., 11 years ago today,
I became a mother of a perfect baby boy, that was named Dakota!I had no idea how my life would instantaneously change, but it did. I no longer thought of myself first, but of my precious babe. At the moment I first glanced at him, I was in love. A love that I had never experienced before, an unconditional love. He was mine and came from inside of me. God had placed this little man into my arms and into my life to teach me so much; lessons I didn't even know I needed to learn, about my heavenly Father's love for me, about what it meant to sacrifice, what it meant to love, what it meant to trust in God's love for him more than my own love for him and much more.
From the very beginning, Dakota was special and has only amazed me more and more every single year that he has lived. I stand back at times in wonderment of his intelligence, helpfulness, thoughtfulness, tenderness and love. He is growing into a tremendous person. He loves Jesus and knows that Jesus loved him! He strives to be good at all he does. Getting straight "A"s, keeping a relationship with Jesus, playing sports well, being a helpful big brother are just a few things that makes Dakota so special.
God has blessed us with this young man, who informed me the other day that he is now a "tween." How did that happen??? Time flies by and I pray that I stop taking the moments forgranted and that I would live in each moment to soak it in. I pray that as another year passes that Dakota would continue to love the Lord and mature in his faith and relationship with Christ.

Eleven years ago I was blessed and I thank God that He chose me to be this little man's mother. May I continue to learn from him the things God would have me and be the kind of mother that God would want me to be.

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Hendrick Family said...

Happy Birthday, Dakota!

We love you!

And think you rock too.