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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Is It Really ok to Wear White in October!?!

Seriously, I need to know!!!!

Down here in Texas, we don't really have seasons, well I know that some of my Texan friends would disagree, but we don't have seasons that make us put up one set of clothes and untub another one that would have sweaters, coats, cords, etc... I tried very hard last year to figure things out down here, but 1 year later and I still am not sure about what is and what is not ok to wear. Truth of the matter is that you see pretty much everything and anything all year round, so maybe that whole white after Labor Day thing doesn't exist anymore?

So I ask, "Is it ok that I wore my white flowery high heel sandals today, October 9, to teach my class?" Everything that my mom taught me was screamin' NO, but I'm pretty sure it was ok! I actually received a few compliments on them!

It is so hot here still!!!! So I haven't even bothered to begin to look through my tubs with my winter clothes in them. Truthfully, last year I didn't get most of them out, well not completely true, I took most of them out, but didn't wear many of them. So I think that I will skip it this year and leave my short sleeves and shorts and flip flops out instead!

I know I need to get pictures up of the house, but things got crazy right before closing and I never got pictures of the house finished before it had our stuff and boxes everywhere. So I will try to get things put in their places soon and take pictures of our house with stuff in it. Just know that we are so thankful to be in the house and even more so grateful that it is ours! God has blessed us greatly and I just can't praise Him enough for all He has done for us!

Have a blessed day!


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Girl, anything goes...sweatshirts and shorts...flip flops in December...if you got it wear it!!!


Kari said...

It's true, I know, but you have to understand that "from where I come" we didn't do that. I must admit that there is a sense of freedom to be able to wear whatever it is whenever! :)

Hendrick Family said...

So true! Texas is so different. There really are NO rules. Aaron wears long sleeved shirts with drives me nuts, I always tell him, "Honey...pick a season and stick with it!"

No rules!! In Texas, the only time you quit wearing white is when the white stuff gets too dirty.


Kari said...

And the main reason the white stuff gets too dirty is because of sweating so much! I can't wait for it to cool off!!! After Monday was chilly, I was inspired to take out my fall clothes that I would have been wearing for 6 weeks now or so in Nebraska. Washing them all up, I so want to wear them, but silly me, I now remember I really won't be wearing them until January!