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Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Busy Kindergartener!

Kye is loving school!!! Everyday he wants to stay for lunch, (he gets out at noon.) "And mom, can you not pick me up so early?" :) I'm so happy that he enjoys school! And I'm so thankful for Covenant School! They are fabulous there!!!!

Many of the kids there he knows from last year and he has made new friends too. Kye likes everyone and plays with everyone too! It amazes me how he is learning and how he remembers specific things he is learning about at school. They just finished a unit on Dinosaurs! Kye was thrilled! For Parent Night at school, they built dinosaurs out of boxes and then painted them! Kye's was terrific and he named it "Rainey."

He is becoming quite the little artist as well and I just couldn't help but put up a few of his best!
The Family Portrait!

Polar Bear

And my favorite, his self portrait!
Kye did this himself!!!!

At school, one of the centers is a writing center. Kye LOVES the writing center and is becoming quite prolific! He is writing/illustrating at least 3 a week if not 3 books a day. I wish I could share his pictures with you, but my scanner isn't hooked up and I have no idea when it will ever be hooked up, but I wanted to share a few of his stories with you!

If you really know Kye, you will really appreciate his stories!!!
Kye Looks at Animals
I am looking at all the animals around me.
I am looking at a T-Rex.
I am riding on a camel.
The brown cow is jumping over the moon.
While I was watching, the chicken ate the butterfly.
I am getting out of my space ship so I can get to Earth.
I am getting eaten by a dinosaur.

The Flower Book
I read the flower book. There was a turkey in it.
A leaf is falling so spring can come.
A dog ran away.
This cow is jumping over the moon.

Animals and Boats
An airplane is flying over a dinosaur.
The dinosaur is growling at a mouse.
I am looking at farm animals. I am the squirrel.
I was riding on the boat. I was going to save Taggers.
I was petting Shadow and a bunny jumped over me.
A pteradactyl was flying over me and I was on a camel.

He is dictating these to a teacher who writes them for him. He has begun to write the word "the", but he loves dictating! They also do on every book an About the Author page. This is what cracks me up the most. On one book he said his middle name was John. Here are a few of his author pages.

Kye Stephens "got bit" by a lot of fire ants in Nebraska and his mom
was scared and put him in the bathtub so the ants would die.
He likes writing books. This is his fourth book.
He wants to write lots of animal books.

Kye Stephens is 5 years old. He likes to eat vegetables.
He likes marshmellows and s'mores. Kye likes
boats and helicopters. He likes to eat spaghetti but not
green beans. He likes sharing a room with Dakota, his brother.

We went on another field trip last week, to the fire station. It was fun and Kru and I enjoyed it as well.


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I love kindergarten. Kye is a great story teller.

Alex is loving it too.

Whitney said...

a-dorable. i can't wait to hang out with this cool cats on friday! love, kar kar, love!