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Friday, October 10, 2008

A Fabulous Falcon!!!

Today, Kye got in the car with a HUGE smile on his face and this purple ribbon stuck to his shirt!
"Mom, do you know what I got today?"
"What, Babe?"
"I was a Fabulous Falcon today!!!"
"Really, what is that?"

From there it got a little fuzzy, but this is what I understand that to mean.

Every so often, a child (I'm assuming from each classroom) gets selected to be a Fabulous Falcon (Forest Ridge Falcons).  They receive a star sticker, a ribbon and a toy.  Kye chose or received a mini-flashlight necklace.  He also had his picture taken and it will hang in the hallway somewhere near the cafeteria.

"And I had to stand up in front and tell everyone my name, favorite animal, food and color."
"My favorite animal is a cheetah."
"My favorite food is oranges, and my favorite color is orange."
"Then we got our award and toy and picture."

"Kye, why did you get this ribbon today?"
"Because I listen very well and I shared everyone my smile."

"I got to wear this all day, but I lost my first one out on the playground, so they got me another one!"

Have to tell y'all that we are very proud of Kye!  After being concerned for a while for this year to happen, we have been pleased by how well he is doing!  In his Monday folder, Mrs. B remarked how well Kye listens and how he is a good example to the others in class!  

I'm hoping that that continues.  We have parent-teacher conferences on Tuesday and I will be interested in seeing how he is doing.  Just today we were talking about the crab we have in the fishtank, and I heard Kye say, cc-rrr-aaa-bbb.  

Just wanted to brag a bit on our Kye-Kye!


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Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Way to go Kye!!

I love that you listened and shared your smile.

Have a great day off today and I can't wait for you to come play with Alex soon.

Ms. Kathryn