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Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break 2008

For Spring Break, we didn't get to go to DC as originally planned due to the taxes we have to pay soon, but we wanted to feel as though we had a little vacation at least. So we went to Galveston for a few days.
Having never been there before, we were excited to go to the beach, Kru's 1st time! Although many locals here told us that it wasn't a nice place to visit, we were thrilled with our couple of days there and hope to do it again maybe this summer.

The pluses of going to Galveston:
* our van can make it! (for the time being)
we weren't sure about the long trip to DC
* not too expensive, because of the beach
* not too far - 2 1/2 hours,
but our drive home turned into 4 with traffic!!
couldn't pay me to live in Houston!!

* feeding seagulls from your hotel balcony
* swimming in the hotel hot tub! A highlight of my family!
the pool was frigid!
* watching all 4 (yes, Darrin especially) playing at the beach
* Moody Gardens
* seeing Dolphins in the wild - YES that is one in the blue circle
I know, they were so fast!!! Hey a pelican too!
* seeing Pelicans!!!!! I LOVED THAT!!! Check out this cool shot!!!
never been that close to one!

My 4 boys didn't care if the waves weren't the biggest, they only went out to their belly buttons anyhow! And they didn't care what kind or color the sand was, they built sand castles any way!

We ate at some yummy!!!! restaurants and ate a bunch!!!
Yikes! And no exercising! :(

So here are some other pictures of the fun we had!!!

Kye loved posing with the dolphins!

This is right after we arrived. We went straight to the beach and the kids got straight wet!
After running into and along the water, Kye tells me, "AHHH, I think I'm seasick!"
Yes, it is a Kyeism! One of his many! :)

Miss Whitney met us on Thursday for a fun day at Moody Gardens!
YEAH!!!! We ALL love Miss Whitney!
Here is a great shot!
Let's watch some 4D!!!!!
So Kru really hated the whole 4D experience! This is before it began!
We had a great time and Dakota was heard saying that this was his "best Spring Break ever, well after going to Uncle and Shel Shel's of course." So that is quite the compliment seeing that it ranked up there with his trips to Uncle's house! WOW!

Let us know if you want to come with us this summer!!!!


Whitney said...

look at my boys! they are so gorgeous! Kari, i love you so much. i'm glad spring break was so good for yall. Thursday was my fave spring break day!! can't wait for easter :)

this morning, as i was getting ready for school, i prayed that the Lord would send encouragement my way. then i got this email about your blog, and i openned it and read your blog, and i am so encouraged! i'm ready to face the day! love you!

carmen said...

Looks like you had a great spring break! My girls are on break next week. Miss you guys!!