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Monday, March 24, 2008

A Blessed Easter!

Easter was beautiful in so many ways this year!
* the weather was gorgeous
* Easter Kids' Church was powerful
* it was relaxing
* it was blessed
It was a great weekend!!!!

We began Friday at the park with a big egg hunt with some friends.
This was our 2nd year participating and the boys had fun!

There was even an egg toss, but they were hard-boiled.

Early Saturday morning, we arrived at Kroger for their egg hunt!

Kye found 55 eggs, Kru 33 and Dakota had 44.
Isn't that odd!?!
Needless to say, I have a TON of eggs around the house!

The weather was gorgeous and we worked outside
almost the rest of the day.
Planting, mowing, laying mulch, pulling weeds!

Later that day, Whitney came over and we colored almost 6 dozen eggs!
Remember, Darrin LOVES to color eggs!

Everyone had a great time and Kru's hands are still stained!

Sunday morning came, and of course Dakota was up way too early and
convinced Kye to get up as well to search for their baskets.
Kru eventually wandered out of his bedroom to find his as well.

Then it was off to church. I had the privilege to help with Kids' church. We sang amazing worship songs, and learned a few new ones!
(My favorites... Supernatural and Superhero!)
We made bookmarks of the Resurrection
and Crosses to remind us of Jesus' sacrifice for us.
It was a great service and I was so happy to be with kids
on this special day!

I hope you had a blessed Easter as well!
There is more to this Easter story, but it deserves a post of its own....

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