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Friday, March 21, 2008

My Little Stud Muffin!!!!

Do you recognize this child????
It's hard, I know, but look close and you may recognize him!

Oh my!!

It's Dakota!

And YES, it is SHORT!!!!

Apparently, a mother of boys should always allow the father to have a say in the process of boys getting their haircut and how their hair should be cut! If I had adhered to this, say a week or so ago, Dakota's hair would have looked this wonderful for the professional pictures that we took last week! When will I learn!

He looks so handsome!!! And I haven't seen this child's eyebrows,ears or neck for years! literally!!!
He likes it, a lot! He was nervous, but we knew he was ready.
Soccer begins next week and this will make him so much cooler.
Dakota said his head feels so much lighter! I bet!


Anonymous said...

it looks GREAT! tell him he is a stud! see you sunday!


Whitney said...

mmmmm, no more shaggy, more like HOTTIE :) if i was only a little younger~ and if he wasn't my brother...

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

Wow!!! It looks great.

Keep it that way!!

carmen said...

He looks so good! And grown up, too!