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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Kye's Musings!

I want to update with pictures and of our adventure to Iowa, but I'm still attempting to get back into a groove after being gone for almost a week and it's too late tonight. However, I did want to post a few more of Kye's books he has written at school.

So take a moment to see the world through Kye's eyes! :)

The birds are upside down and one bird didn't have feathers so he fell.
The fish was in invisible water. Then he couldn't find his way back to the sea.
My dog got his neck off. Then he was upside down.
The airplane was flying over the boats. Then one lost the sails.
The car was flying then the boat crashed into the land and he "drived" on land.

About the Author:
Kye Stephens went to his grandma's house and slept over at Thanksgiving. He thinks she lives in Mexico and that she is twenty years old.

Dinosaur Land - "This is a sad one, Mom." -Kye
The longhorn got cut and then he bleeded.
The blue longhorn was mad then he turned bad. Then he killed that dinosaur
on top of him. Then he was so bleeding.
The T-Rex saw two nice dinosaurs then he go to the stegosaurus and whacked
him with his tail and then he died.
The Apatosaurus came and helped the boat then it sunk.
There was a little drop on the flower and then it grow bigger and I turned invisible.

About the Author
Kye Stephens likes hot dogs and peanut butter sandwiches. He also likes ba-sghetti
and chocolate milk and french fires and chicken. He likes getting new toys and red
bikes and going on the playground and swinging on the yellow swing.

Again, I wish that you could see his illustrations. They use stencils so he writes about the stencil he is tracing. His latest book, Kye wrote the words I, and and the!

I hope to find time this weekend to update with pictures from Thanksgiving. We had a marvelous time with family!

Have a great week!


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I am so glad y'all had a good time. I love Kye's imagination...I think that is why he and Alex get along so well.

We need to get together again soon.

Bev Brandon said...

okay, i don't know where that comment just went...hey kari, it's bev...thanks so much for selecting 3 orphans to help...britt is gone for the day and will pick 3 for you and send your their photos must be friends with heather?? did you know my brooke? your blog is simply precious cause your boys are adorable!!!

Kari said...

Yes Bev, I am friend's with Heather and got the info off of her blog. I don't know your Brooke, but maybe I can meet her while she is staying with Heather and fam! Look forward to getting pictures and info of the kids and happy that we can help with the cause. I hope that you get all of them covered!