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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Our Christmas Card!

Happy Thanksgiving and not Merry Christmas! I decided to send a card out early so that everyone would have our new address for Christmas cards! (I hope most of you received our card in the mail!) So here is our Christmas update at Thanksgiving time!

Oh, What a Difference a Year can Make!!!!

On any given day, I am amazed at how different our life is and what God has done in our life! We have been in College Station now almost 18 months. That first year was a tough one and at times, we wondered if we would make it.

By February of '07, we didn't think we could, so we began making arrangements to move back home to Lincoln and have Darrin work from home again. That was the plan all the way until May and then.....all I can say is that God stepped in and changed EVERYTHING!!!

He impressed Darrin and I that we were not to move and that we were supposed to stay here in Texas. Not only that, but HE opened up doors and we were able to purchase a brand new home in June. We didn't move in until September, but we are FINALLY homeowners!

God is so good and has continued to bless us in our obedience and we are so thankful for all that we have! God has also blessed us with a great church family. I am so happy to have friends! God is faithful and I learned so much last year as He wanted to grow me in ways I didn't even realize I needed to be.

We still miss Lincoln and probably always will, but we KNOW, confidently, that we are where God wants us to be! So we have a new address and hope this one will stay for awhile in your address books, which would be rare for us!:)
4209 Whispering Creek Dr
College Station, TX 77845

Here are some highlights from the past year! Most of these can be found on past posts, but here goes!


*turned 11 in October!
* in 5th grade at Cypress Grove Intermediate School.
*getting straight As!
* went to DC again, (alone) to visit Uncle and Shelley. while there, went to a professional hockey and basketball game
*played soccer, and getting ready for basketball soon
*made a couple of trips to the dentist this past year and had 4 teeth pulled.
*informs me often he is a "tween!"
*still taking guitar


*turned 5 in April
*going to 1/2 day Kindergarten and having a blast!
*still obsessed with animals
*loves sharing a room with Dakota
*is quite the author and has written many books!
*enjoyed seeing Uncle and Shelley in August at Sea World! Yeah! His favorite place, ever!
*made a couple of trips to the dentist as well and had some fillings and caps put on!
*continues to humor us and wow us with some of his craziness and Kye-ness!!
*check out his artwork and stories under October posts!


*turned 2 in June!
*he is "feeling" his 2ness to the fullest!
*loves Play-doh and coloring
*keeps me on my toes
*loves when people visit
*is getting very silly shy
*LOVES church
*enjoys going along on Kye's field trips
*growing taller everyday
*likes to watch Telletubbies and Doodlebops!

As for Darrin

*loving being a homeowner! He has put up the flat screen tv, screen door, bathroom towel thingys and has killed a snake!
*Still at A&M and promoted to Senior Multi Media Specialist!
*involved in a cool project
*traveled to Chicago for convention

and then there's me, Kari

*teaching a writing, science and geography classes
*learning a ton from my Beth Moore Bible Studies
*helping out at church with youth & children
*trying to find time to scrapbook!
*started my own little business - BeautyControl!
Anyone want to have a spa?

There you have it! I hope to hear from many of you in the next several weeks! We are headed to Iowa on Tuesday! Yeah! It will be wonderful to see family that we haven't seen for 2 years. Not sure what our plans are for Christmas, but I will update the blog several times before then.

I pray that you can slow down this holiday season and before we even begin to contemplate Christmas, we can stop and take time to be thankful for so much! Stop and remember all that is dear to us and the One that gives us those! And then as we head into December that we can truly focus on the Real Reason for this wonderful season!

Take care and we love you all!
Kari and the boys! ;)

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Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I am thankful to be one of the new friends that you have made.
I enjoyed hanging out and hope to do it again soon.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.