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Monday, December 10, 2007

What is Wrong with This Picture???

Does this look normal to you?!?I AM AN IDIOT!!!!!

This is proof that Kari has lost her mind and ability to think logically! And that I'm too sidetracked with my mind going in a million different directions!!!!

YES, this morning I drove the van into the garage door!!!!

The van is fine with a little white streak here or there on the back. Seriously! What is wrong with me!!! I guess I know what I'm getting for Christmas! :(

I had to blog about it cause I'm so mad at myself!
The ironic thing about the whole situation is this:
Not even 4 days ago, Darrin had told me that he had almost
done the same thing! I laughed at him and told
him how stupid that would have been!

I'm obviously needing a lesson in humility!
O.K. Lord, I get it!!!!!
Why must I learn the hard way!?!
Beth Moore calls that learning on a field trip rather than in the classroom!

Can I claim that for over a year we didn't have a garage and that I'm not
used to one? Or that I was worried about the dog getting out and
running away, and that is why I was hurrying out of the garage???

Oh well, the lady will come out tomorrow and give me an estimate and
we'll see what the damage will be!!!


bossbug said...

I think we should point out again,Darrin "almost" did it...

Kari said...

There I bolded it for you is that better?

Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

That is too funny...I know the bill is not funny but these things do happen. You are NOT an idiot, you are human.
And being human, God does try to teach us things...not to condem us...but to grow us!!!
One time though I was looking ALL over the house for my glasses...while I was doing ten million other things...could not find them for the world until I looked in the mirror...yes they were on my face...human!!!!!!