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Friday, December 21, 2007

Grackles are Evil Birds!!!

Do you know what a Grackle is?

I didn't until I moved to College Station, Texas.

We have these psycho birds here from,
oh I don't really know...
September through February. I guess.
I think they are here year round!!!

Here is a close up of one, but I HAVE to share these pictures with
you that I took tonight. They freak me out!!!
Seriously, I feel like I am in the movie Birds.
The wires are that black because they are FULL of nasty birds!
They are EVERYWHERE!!!!
They seriously give me the heebie jeebies!!!!!
These are a part of the Rock Prairie Clan, there are others in town!
They aren't afraid of much and don't hardly move!!
There are THOUSANDS of them!!!!
Somebody help me, I can hardly go to
Kroger cuz I'm afraid of them!!!!!

I should be adding pictures of Kye from his program, but we rented a movie tonight from Blockbuster and I just happened to have my camera in my purse. I have wanted to post about these evil, psycho birds for over a year now, just never got around to it, but here you have it!!!

The pictures really do NOT give it justice and then you add all the noise they make and it makes my skin crawl! Really, it does!

They will be all over the van when I come out of Kroger and they just look at you and they won't move! It is so eery!!!!! Sorry for so many pictures, but I was trying to make a point!

Did I???? :)

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Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

It is freaky!!

I came out of Wal Mart yesterday, I had parked next to a tree. They were all over my car. If you stomp your foot they fly away, but when I did they flew out of the tree and swarmed me!!!

When I was in the Kroger parking lot the other day for 15 minutes, I came out and there was SO much poop on my car it was ridiculous!!!

We get them every year because we are in a migration path...the boys love it!!!