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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Halloween Highlights!

As always, we carved our pumpkins the night before Halloween. Darrin even participated this year! Dakota was sick, but ventured out for a few minutes to carve his pumpkin. Kru was wanting to help a lot more than last year, but still with not much success. However, he did manage to ruin one of the eyes that Dad had cut! :)

On Halloween night, our Hope Group helped out at the Trunk or Treat at Northview's church. Really all I did was make some cupcakes and the kids went around to the booths and got candy! They had a nice time and it was fun socializing with friends.

This year the boys went as:
Elmo a.k.a. Kru Burger King's King a.k.a. Dakota and The Human Torch a.k.a. Kye

Later, we went to Christ's Way's carnival. We went there last year and the boys remembered and wanted to attend again. So on our way home, we stopped by!

Dakota takes his shot at the pumpkin!

Kru makes a cross this year!!!

Kye loved the slide!

Kru was so cute, he didn't wear Elmo's face up on his head much at all. So I had to capture the moment. Isn't he so adorable!!! Dakota and Kye didn't wear their face or hair much either as they were making them too hot!

We had a fun time!

Oh and by the way, if you didn't get to see Kory's costume in the post below, here it is again! It's just that cool to be posted twice!!!


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

How fun. Love the pictures. I am glad I got to see you at Northview.

I threw away the nasty rotting pumpkins yesterday that were sitting on the front porch...whew!!

Your boys are precious!!!

Whitney said...

for real, dakota was the burger king? only your sons, kari, only your sons! can't wait to see the kid play some serious soccer! love you, girl!