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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pictures from June '06

We thought May was busy...but June hadn't come around yet!!!! Staying cool was on the top of the list so spending a lot of time in the water was important!! Wrapping up the soccer season with a tournament, which the Generals won, finishing up 3rd grade and getting ready for Vacation Bible School was the first half of the month. The second half was having a GREAT time at VBS with lots of singing, dancing, playing and learning about Jesus' love with new and old friends, finding out we were moving in 2 weeks, packing, getting Kru's first haircut and celebrating Kru's 1st Birthday with Papa and friends. Kru had a couple of his friends over, Elijah Stewart and LillyAnne Herbel. They all had fun playing with the toys, but weren't too keen on the party hats. A visit from the Harman's and their baby Seth, having a goodbye party for Dakota at the park with his friends and dedicating Kru on our last Sunday at CrossBridge and saying good-bye to our dear friends and church family brought in July and a new adventure!!!!

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