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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kye's First Day of 1st Grade!

Monday, my 7 year old, began 1st Grade!
We took the annual poses!
by the front door and in the car
It was nice being familiar with the school.
He wasn't nervous at all, just really excited!
As we walked into the building,
everyone was all smiles!
Still excited!
Apparently, we weren't going fast enough and Kye took the
lead. We passed his old Kindergarten room and he kept on going!
As he walked into the 1st grade pod, it looked
like we were the only ones there, but we weren't.
Arriving at his room, mom had to take this
scrapbook shot!!!
Kye found his hook, cubby and finally his seat!
Kru had to give him a hug before we left!
Awww! So sweet! (but I missed the pic!)
After waiting in the forever carpool line!
Kru and I picked Kye up!
Again, another yearly tradition!
Kye had a great first day!!! YAY!
(By the second day, he didn't even want me to walk him in!)
My baby is growing up!!!

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