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Friday, October 27, 2006

Wrapping up October!

Hello Everyone!

Thought I would tell you about our end of October! We have had a busy Ocotber with Dakota's birthday, carving pumpkins and Trick or Treating! We also have added homeschooling too! Yes, things down here in Texas just aren't like they were in Nebraska and I have been struggling since the 2nd week of school with the public system here. SO after many attempts to better the situation for Dakota, the Lord convinced Dakota and me that homeschooling was the way to go. We've only been at it 1 week, but we are both enjoying it so far! Don't have all the books yet, but have been using my old teaching stuff to get by!

PaPa came for a week long visit for Dakota's birthday! It was so great to have him here! The boys loved it and wished he didn't have to leave so soon. While PaPa was here, he got to watch Dakota play football, experienced torrential rain and took Dakota out for his birthday. "All" the boys enjoyed playing with the birthday presents sent from Uncle and Shel-Shel! Dakota "taught" PaPa how to play Madden '07 and PaPa "taught" Dakota about duels with nerfguns!! Since we won't be seeing PaPa at Thanksgiving this year, it was wonderful to have him here in October!

For Dakota's party, Uncle Dean, Aunt Shelly and Stephen came down from Dallas to celebrate with us. That was neat as they have never been able to be around for birthdays. It is nice living closer to them! We will be seeing them again in just 2 weeks for Dean and Shelly's wedding!

Kye is continuing to grow and grow!!!! As you will see from the pictures below, playing with any kind of animal still is his obsession! He came home the other day from school and said,"A girl tried to kiss me at school. Hers likes me! Hers thinks we're in love!" I had to laugh out loud!

Kru is continuing to get into everything and everywhere I don't want him. No matter where we are, he can find the dishwasher, tv and cd players. I have put locks on the cupboards and wonder how I can lock the oven and dishwasher door!!! He is getting 4 new teeth. 2 on the bottom and 2 top molars! What a drooly mess! He was so cute for Halloween!:)

It was 80 degrees on Halloween! Kye and Kru were naked underneath their costumes so they wouldn't be too hot. Kru was in his sandles! It was weird, some people sat outside in lawn chairs giving out candy! We went to a church's carnival that was set up outside. It was great! The boys had a fun time and we even had a hayride!

Today is a cooler day, actually light jacket weather! Yeah!!! Miss you all and keep in touch!

Reading with PaPa!
Presents from Uncle and Shel-Shel!
Dakota and PaPa enjoy the gifts from Uncle and Shel-Shel!
Having a duel with another one of Uncle and Shel-Shel's gifts!
Playing with his favorite! Animals!!!
Kru enjoys his 1st oreo!
Kye tries soccer again!
Running off of the field!
Nice throw in!
Dakota kicks!
Dakota's 10th Birthday cake!
With add ons!
Aunt Shelly and Uncle Dean and Stephen came down for the party!
Playing basketball!
Big Breath!
Kru's latest! Getting on anything that he isn't suppose to!
Kru gets to help this year!!!
Getting slimy!
Dakota's favorite part!
Happy Halloween!
Enjoying a carnival!
Dakota tries his hand at darts!
Trick or Treat!!
How Special!
It's getting long!!!

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