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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happy Fall Ya'll!?????!

Last night at 5:00 as I was about to publish a new post in the blog, the power flickered. It was the wierdest thing. The lights dimmed real low and the stove turned off, but the clock on the oven just dimmed. And then it went black! And I lost my post!!! It was done, but in between getting supper on the stove and keeping Kru's hands off of the computer, I never hit publish post and it is gone! We lost power last night for almost 5 hours. It was out in the entire Brazos county! I guess even black outs are big in Texas!?!:) So I sit today, recreating the post! So here goes!

Is it really Fall!?!? As I sit here typing this on an October day, the high is going to be at least 94! It is too bizarre to see the pumpkins and scarecrows decorating porches around here, but I realize that I'm going to have to be in the holiday/season spirit without having a change in season! I'm wondering just what Christmas is going to feel like this year! About a week ago, I actually wore a light jacket to Dakota's late football game. I was soooo excited! For someone who loves Indian Summer, I'm dying from the heat that seems to be unending! So for all of you who are somewhere where the leaves ARE changing and the nights feel a bit nippy, or you can see snow up in the mountains, please soak some in for me!

Things are busy here, but thankfully not as insane as last time I wrote. We decided that Kye wasn't going to be a football player or a soccer player this year! Between the practices and games of both of the boys, it was just too much for him! And me! So we eliminated both from Kye's schedule and just let him play with friends while we watch Dakota's football and soccer games and practices. It has helped a bunch!!! He is much happier and carefree about playing with his animals and friends! Lesson learned that maybe 4 is too soon to begin sports for some kids!

Speaking of Kye, he is loving school and comes home telling of books read, singing songs, and ready to go back the next day! In the last several weeks, they have cooked spaghetti and muffins at school! He loved it and told me, "Mom, I can help you make those at home too, but it is HARD work!" I was glad to hear he was willing to help. At Dakota's soccer game on Saturday, Kye stepped right in a fireant mound. We didn't know it until he began freaking out, "Ant's on me!!!!" We quickly had to remove his shoes and socks as they were crawling all over him! It is nuts how fast you can get covered and they are such nasty little things!!! He wound up with many bites on his feet, ankles and legs and I had some from trying to shake them off of his shoes and socks! They do burn and I'm sure that is how they got their name! As I was trying to explain to Kye to watch where he is walking and not to step in the big mounds of brown dirt he said, "Mom, they snuck up on me!" He has a way of saying something funny every day!!! Only in a way that Kye can! Some of you know what I mean because you have heard it!

Dakota is doing good. In need of another haircut! "But only the bangs!" He has longer hair than mine! School is going well, but easy for him this year! I'm trying not to freak out about the little to no homework that he has and that he hasn't opened up a math book yet, just worksheets!!!!!!!!!! He got staight A's on his 6 week report card, which we are very proud of him! I'm praying that he will be ready for 5th grade next year! It's hard to tell if he likes football or soccer better. He is fast and plays hard at each one! He is anxious for his birthday and excited that PaPa is going to fly down for it. It will be nice too now that we are closer to Shelly and Stephen that they will come down on the weekend too! He keeps busy with 2 football games and 1 soccer game a week plus practices. He also goes to Awana which he enjoys! We went last Friday night to an A&M women's soccer game. They were playing Oklahoma. It was really cool! Again, it is crazy to me the support of A&M here! Talk about psycho! On the 13th, we will be going to the soccer Nebraska/A&M game. At halftime, Dakota's soccer team will be one of many who will go out on the field and do a fast scrimmage. It's really neat to see how they support the kid's sports here! We're looking forward to that and of course, will be decked out in RED, not maroon!!!

Kru is growing and getting busier and busier! His latest is climbing on everything! He is getting into some precarious postitions and places. We keep saying that he can't hurt himself until November when Darrin's benefits kick in finally! I know he's eventually going to have to have stitches! He is full out walking and working on running! No more of the crawling stuff! He loves to put on his shoes "SSSS" as he calls them and go outside! He loves being out even in the heat! Him and I go for a walk in the mornings after dropping off all the other boys! He ends up falling asleep before we are home! He is also showing quite an independent streak lately. He wants his way! When he doesn't get it, he makes this little bark sound "AHK" to let me know that he is angry with me! It really is cute! He is such a good baby and such a joy! I'm so glad that I get to be home with him!!!

Darrin is busy at work. He just got a huge project that could last up to a year working on animating over 300 different kinds of bombs and bullets! He likes it! I'm busy still being taxi driver! and trying to have a positive attitude about it! Still praying for another car! In time, I know, I also know I'm not being patient!!! Praying about that too!:) I'm in a super good Bible Study at a church nearby! It's Beth Moore's study on Daniel! WOW!!!! If you haven't heard of Beth Moore or done a study of hers, ladies, you need too!!!! I've added her link to the blog! Check it out!!!

After my last post, someone (Charles) asked me why there weren't pictures of Darr and me. So to appease this friend:) I added a few of us with the boys. I have to say they aren't our best, but defintely reflect our real life with our boys!

I hope that everyone is enjoying their Fall, no matter where you are, and that you are well! Write and let us know your going ons! And the colder it gets for some of you, consider visiting us here is the warm south!:) Will update after Dakota's birthday! Take care!


At a water park at the end of September! Crazy!!!
Through the spray!
Through the spray as some animal!
Suprise! Here it comes!
Getting it up the nose!?!
Water, water everywhere!
Water up the shorts!
Water down the shorts!?!
Like Mommy like son! Matching hairdos!
Someone is tired!
Do some of you recognize this classic Grover book?
Givin' loves to Daddy!
Kye's short lived soccer career! 1 game! Yeah!!!
Not the best picture, but Dakota's running the ball!
I know, worse than the one above, but that's Dakota making the sack!
Ready for Church!

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