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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Homecoming 2011

Have I told you that Dakota is in high school?!?!  It blows my mind and on any given day it scares me a bit because he goes to a large 5A school. There are 2500 kids there and over 800 in his class alone!  That is bigger than the college I went to! But every time I find myself becoming a wee bit nervous, I have to take a breath, say a prayer and know that Dakota will be fine!

Dakota asked Mati to go to Homecoming with him.  Not ever having a high schooler before, I was a newbie at this whole thing!  Apparently, the whole entire affair is important and we learned quickly what we had to do! It started with how he would ask the girl.  It had to be creative!  You can't just go up to a girl and ask her, you had to think of a special way to "pop of the question!"  Mati is a swimmer, so Dakota got her locker combination and we used a pair of goggles and wrote of the eyes the question.  Attaching the goggles to a sea turtle stuffed animal, Dakota hung the turtle in her locker along with some candy.  I thought that was the end of it other than buying him a outfit, but no there was more!  Of course I was assuming there would be a purchase of a crosage for her, but not here in Texas, at least not for homecoming.

This is a mum!

Here is Texas they have this tradition of making and giving mums!  What is it, you ask?  It's a fake flower that you embellish and then embellish some more.  The girls' mum is bigger and the boys' mum is attached to a garter that he wears on the arm.  But it's only for pictures!  They don't wear them at the dance, but whatever!  So a couple of weeks before the dance, Dakota and I went over to Sarah's (a Texan native) so she could help us.  I really enjoyed it!  And actually made another one for a friend!  

So now that the mum was made, Dakota and I went to the mall to find him an appropriate outfit that wasn't shorts or jeans!  It took awhile, but we finally found pants, a shirt, a tie! (his first) and a pair of Vans! (making uncle sooo proud!)  Having never worn a tie before, dad had to help him out!

Chillin' before time to leave!

A pose with mom!

 The complete package!!!
So the plan was that we would meet Mati at a friend's house and that all of the parents would take turns transporting the kids for the evening.  First was Kelly's house for pictures, then off to dinner, then to George Bush Library for more pictures, then to the Expo Center for the dance and finally pick up at Midnight and drop off at homes!  Here are some picts of the couple!

 I made them pose funny!
And then the double date!

All in all I think he had a fun time!  And it was a High School experience and memory for sure!  I couldn't believe how perfect his tie matched her dress!

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Anonymous said...

We've got the best looking Grandsons a person could ask for. Pappy and Grandma LOVE YOU!!!!