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Sunday, September 09, 2007

And We Have Paint!!!!

YEAH!!! The house is coming along and as of last Thursday, we hope we only have 2 1/2 more weeks!!!! Everything is painted and the cabinets are hung! Again, I wish I could put up a picture.

I don't know if anyone is even reading this as I can't send out an email to my friends and family, cuz I'm not on my laptop, oh well. So we hope that we will be in sooner than October 1! But still not counting on anything as this whole building a house thing is quite unpredictable!

Hope you all are well and enjoying a cooling in the temperature where you live, we here aren't! Darrin and Dakota went to the A&M game yesterday where people were falling over from heat exhaustion! It's still so hot here! Enjoy the changing of the seasons if you have some change!

Will write again soon!


Whitney said...

Hey Kari! It's whitney! Just wanted to say hey and that i LOVE your blog! Actually, I love any and every blog! Hopefully we can be blog friends! I love you, sweet sister!

Bri'An said...
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Bri'An said...

sorry about that up there!!


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