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Monday, August 20, 2007


Hello Everyone,

I hope that this post finds you well! I am sitting at the public library checking my emails and I had to update you on our latest. As of last Tuesday, we are residing in a 2 bedroom furnished apartment waiting the completion of our house! It's going to be a long 5 weeks!!!:) The good news is that the builder tells us that the drywall will be up by Wed. and that it is 3 weeks from that point on until completion, unless hurricane Dean has other plans!! The plumbing and electric are complete and the venting system is done and the insulation is finished!

The good news about our current place is that we have a roof over our heads, there is running water, and we have beds. The not so good news is that the whole place smells of smoke, the ants are taking over :), and when you do shower the water comes up past your ankles! :) But I am reminded repeatedly everyday, that it could be worse and how much more we will appreciate our house when we get in! I am also being taught specifically about "being content in all things," :) The boys are doing fairly well with the changes, Dakota and Kye are sharing a double bed, which is going surprisingly well!!! We are actually considering keeping that arrangement in the new house, well except 2 twin beds. Kru is sleeping in the play n pack and is getting more and more used to that and not coming into our bed in the middle of the night! The dog and cat and settling in as well.

I wish I could show you pictures, but you will just have to use your imagination! I hope this week to be picking flooring, counters, and paint for the house and we hope that the brick begins to be laid as well. Will update when I can! Take care!
Love to you all,

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