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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Greetings 2006

Merry Christmas Yall!

Decided to not do the whole Christmas letter through snail mail and just update the blog with a holiday greeting and wrap up of the year. Still attempting to take a photo of the boys to get out in the mail for New Years, but haven't yet succeeded! Who knows!?!

Nice having the blog so I don't have to go back through the year to update you, so will just update since Thanksgiving. If you missed any other part of the year, just look back on the blog to catch up! Some of the pictures may be gone, but the details are intact!

We spent Thanksgiving up in Dallas with Darrin's family. Lois and Raymond came down from Ohio and we had dinner at Dean and Shelly's new house. It was a nice time. I sure did miss my family, being the first in 15 years that I wasn't with a part of my family in one way or the other! But being that we are so far south, it was nice being able to be with Darrin's family instead of alone.

In mid-November, Dakota wrapped up soccer and football. The last football game the QB wasn't there, so Dakota was able to play QB for the first time this season. I think he enjoyed it, but commented about the pressure of the position. He did a great job! Basketball begins in January with spring soccer beginning in late February.

About 3 weeks ago, Dakota began guitar lessons! We, with the help of PaPa, got him an early Christmas present, a blue guitar, which he can already "play" 2 songs; O Chrismas Tree and He's Got the Whole World in His Hands. He enjoys it a lot it seems and I hope that that continues!

Homeschooling goes fine, he just completed a unit on Insects and only missed 2 on his final test. It's amazing how quick we can get through things on some days and how long it takes on others! All in all it is ok. We are going to Austin for a field trip in January to see the capitol as we are studying government. He misses his friends from Nebraska terribly as we all do, but I'm trying to get him together at least weekly with other homeschoolers to be able to play. Thank goodness it is so nice here year round, we can go to the park all the time!

Kye continues to like school, we had a field trip to cut down a Texas Christmas Tree (a Cedar) and that was great fun. The kids choose the tree and then made tons of ornaments to decorate it once it was placed in their room. They had a book exchange for their party and he got a Curious George book which he loved!

Kye played a couple more soccer games near the end of the season and I think out of the 4-5 games he played he kicked the ball 3 times (2 were kick offs) :)

He really liked it best going to brother's games and playing in the dirt nearby! He will begin swimming lessons in January, which he loves!!! We have been trying to think what other things he might excel in, but are still scratching our heads. I don't think there are classes or lessons on "How to act like an animal," or "How to run like Cheetahs" are there? If there were, Kye would be first in line! Seriously, you would be amazed at how fast that child can run on all fours while making animal noises! See.... he has talents!! Kye is Kye and those of you who know him well know exactly what I mean!!!

Kru continues to grow! He is talking a lot more, most of which you can't understand, but he is sure telling a story. He has said water, bye-bye, hot dog, thank you, and his first sentence, "turn it on" in regards to the singing snowmen that he loves listening and dancing too. He is still very busy and into everything. He has broken several dishes, enjoys emptying the pantry of it's canned goods, and his new favorite, playing in the toilet! Sigh! Must I put a lock on EVERYTHING???!!! Yes, I think I must! Kru is so sweet and loves to give loves and kisses, I hope he stays this sweet, forever!!!!

Darrin and I are the same. We had our 12th anniversary yesterday. Can you believe it!!?? I say sometimes it seems just like yesterday and other times it seems like 40 years ago!:) Darrin is getting busier at work which is good. One of his latest projects is animating 300 different types of bombs and missiles. He has been working some freelance on the side when he finds the time. His computer died a while ago and it is harder to do the freelance using my laptop! I'm good, sometimes a bit crazy, but who isn't right!?! RIGHT!!! Thank you for agreeing with me!:) Seriously, we are fine, really missing Lincoln and our friends during the holidays though. It's amazing to me how hard holidays can be when you aren't "home." But we are still trying to find a church and to find some friends! Didn't think it would be that hard to do either!!! But I guess when you had such great friends and a super church, it's hard to find replacements!

We will be in warm Texas for Christmas this year, really all of you who are freezing cold, this is the best time to visit! So if you received this, you are welcome anytime! Being in shorts in Decemberand playing in the water table 1 week from Christmas is too bizarre! Sound appealing?

With the warmth, our tree was a bit dry when we bought it not to mention now. It is super dry!!! Darrin worries that it is going to burn. At work, they sent everyone a video that was a Christmas tree that caught on fire and within 40 seconds the room was consumed! So we don't leave the lights on all day anymore!:)

But on a more serious note, I am becoming more and more aware of certain things, and even though I never would have guessed I would be living in Texas this Christmas, I know my Heavenly Father knew, and even though my circumstances may not be what I want, HE wants! I hope that wherever you find yourself this Christmas and New Year, that you are very aware of the Lord's companionship there with you! May this season only increase your love and desire for Him!

We miss you all!


Kye was WAY excited to get his soccer trophy, he was awarded the save the day player for helping at the end of the season!
And he passes!
Nice Handoff!
Kru enjoying brother's football games!
Darrin and Kru
Enjoying Aunt Shelly's trampoline! Nice hair!!
Kru liked it too!
And so did Kye!
One of Kru's favorite foods!
Picking our tree, oh such joy!!!::)
Kye placing his 5th Christmas ornament on the tree
Kru adding his 2nd year ornament
And as always, Dakota finishes it by topping the tree with the bear!
Brotherly love or shove!?!:)
Making sugar cookies!
A yearly tradition!

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