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Thursday, August 24, 2006

School Daze and Haircuts too!!!

Yes, it is official, everyone has begun school. Dakota last week and Kye just yesterday, Wednesday. Kye is already exhausted after 2 days, but we have tomorrow and the weekend to recover before we begin again. Dakota has made a few friends and has already begun a fund-raiser! Doesn't take long I guess! If you want to help him win prizes and the school pay for field trips, you can order online!!! Go to and his seller id is CS 8886! Because we don't know anyone here, thought I would plug it here and see what happens! He is hoping for 25 items, but we'll see!:)

Even with the heat, Dakota keeps his long hair! Everyday I pick him up and he is literally dripping sweat just sitting outside waiting for the carpool lane! It's crazy!!! But Kye and Kru got their haircut this week before Kye went to school! It never ceases to amaze me how much the yage instantly with a haircut! Kru aged years!:)

Just wanted to put up these pictures! Hope this finds you well! Have a great weekend!


Kru is so close to taking off walking. He just pops up all over the house and has taken 6-8 steps at the most. Won't be long now!
Before Haircut!!!
After Haircut!!! What a grown up boy!
Both boys with haircuts!
Kru's favorite place to climb and stand!
Frist Day of 4th Grade!
In the car
The walk!
Walking into his room
In his room
Homework on 1st Day!!! Welcome to 4th grade!
Kye's 1st day of Pre-School
In the car!
The Walk!
Finding his cubby!

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