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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

12 days post birth

Hey All!

Things are going pretty well around our house 12 days post-birth! We are missing Dakota as he is still in Idaho with his papa and soon on his way to Montrose Colorado to visit with his "aunt" Stacy and family. He is having a great time being the little traveler!

Kye began swimming lessons again today after having to take a break while mom was out of commission the last 2 weeks. He loves the water and will soon move up a level! Kru slept the whole time!

Kru continues to do well and just sleeps a lot and eats and poops! Nights are even going well and he wakes up just 2-3 times to eat! He slept right through the fireworks last night, but Kye was a bit scared of the loud ones!

Our weather isn't too bad right now and yesterday was a beautiful unusually non-humid July day for Nebraska! We are enjoying that, but the heat is on it's way!

Hope you all had a great 4th, will write again soon, so check back often!
-Kari :)

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