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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Can It Really Be the Middle of February!?!

I can not believe that January is gone and half of February is as well. Obviously, I'm not keeping up with the whole updating the blog weekly or even biweekly, but we really are not that exciting to post that often!!!

2 weeks ago, I was surprised by my wonderful husband, on a 4 day trip to see Kory and Shelley in DC. I left on Saturday and returned on Tuesday. YES! I went alone! It has been a LONG time since I have done anything like this, probably around 6 years! This was my early birthday/Valentine's gift!!! Had a ton of fun and Darrin survived with 3 boys alone! It was so great of him and it was a fabulous and needed breath of fresh air. I came home with a fresh perspective and, well, I can't really explain it. All I know is that is has been sweet since being back home and I love my family even more and better than before I went, so thank you Darrin! I love you!

My boys are growing!!!!! Kye, literally, is only about 5-6 inches shorter than Dakota!!! Seriously! I will take a picture tonight and add it! It really blows my mind! Kru is getting taller as well! He has been talking a TON! And he has used his potty chair a couple of times! One time POO!!! We were way excited, but we aren't really pushing the whole potty training thing until summer when he can run around naked and get the thing done!!!!

Dakota continues in basketball and soccer will begin in March. Homework has begun for Kye! He is doing well, although, at times Darrin claims to have flashbacks to when he and his mom were working on homework!! Kye has been coloring and drawing a bunch too! Had him signed up for art lessons, but they were cancelled! Oh well, we will keep trying. Anyone in College Station want to teach my 5 year old to draw?????? Seriously! I'll pay ya! ;)

Darrin was ready to get back to work after begin sick and then with my trip! But work continues to go well! Teaching has been fun this semester. I'm teaching 2 different classes and have around 22 students. Love the teaching, but forgot how time consuming the grading can be! I can't imagine working full-time anymore with my family! And I'm thankful that I don't have to worry about that! Thank you Jesus! I love being home!

Other than that, we are pretty much same ole same ole! Hope you like the tunes!
Will write when anything changes!!! :)

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Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

I love that song Amazed. We use the word amaze(ed)(ing) to describe so many things, but if we just soak up that song to be AMAZED by how much Jesus loves us, it puts it into a totally new perspective.

Your boys are so precious and I am glad you got a get away.

Big hugs!!!