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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Our Christmas in Review!

We had a wonderful Christmas break and I thought I would share some of our highlights.

When we returned from Iowa, we traveled with our Hope Group to Caldwell to cut down our Christmas Tree. We have never cut our own, so we were really excited!

It took awhile, but we finally found the perfect one and proceeded to cut it down. Dakota and Kye drug it up the road and a nice man attached it to our roof.

We have decided to make this a new yearly tradition in the Stephens' household! The tree lasted a lot longer and the experience was so neat! Thank you Fernando and Cathe for inviting us along!!!

Let the Decorating Begin!!!
Kru hanging his yearly ornament..

And Kye his...

And Dakota toppin' the tree!

Start the Baking!!!
Darrin even helped this year!
Kru was WAY into Christmas this year and that included making cookies! He also loves sprinkles and his cookies were over the top with sprinkles. Yum??!!
Do you see all of the "stuff" on the table!?!

Kye's portrayal of Joseph
To see and hear his performance look at the post below.

Christmas Eve!!!

Christmas Morning - VERY Early!!!

A few of our favorite gifts!
Kari - pearl necklace!

Kye - jungle playset

Dakota - PSP Madden '08

Kru - his Tonka truck from PaPaDarrin - Bone book - it's a comic book thing - no picture!

Christmas in Hot Springs with Pappy & Granma
We enjoyed the chillier temperatures up in Arkansas. The boys had fun playing in the backyard with Stephen.

We also had a blast playing Guitar Hero III while we were there. In fact, our forearms were sore and so were my fingers.

It is probably a good thing that we don't have this at our house!!! It is very addictive! And fun! I don't think that I closed my mouth the whole time! Go Kari!!!! My favorite, ZZ Top's, LaGrange, Darrin's, Poison's, Nothing But A Good Time.
We ROCK!!!! (well, Darrin more than me, but I rock too!!!)


Kathryn, Michael & Alex said...

You do rock!!!

I wish I could play Guitar Hero...I really have tried and I just can't coordinate all my fingers and follow the screen.
I gave up, it was starting to affect my self esteem!!!

I am glad y'all had a fun time.

Kari said...


You rock to in so many other ways!!!!

Who cares about Guitar Hero!

Thank you, my friend for being my one and only poster!!! At least I know you read my blog!!

Tonia said...

We have Guitar Hero II and III. It is very addictive! Jeremy plays it so much that when we are in the car he moves his fingers to the music like he is playing the guitar. Very funny!

Whitney said...

i love how all you children have no shirts on in their photos...oh stephens family! i love my babies! and i love you! maybe we can make christmas cookies in march?! eh? eh?

Kari said...

Christmas cookies in March sound good, but what if we do Easter cookies in March!!!

CresceNet said...
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