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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wow! It's Been Awhile!!!

Hey Ya'll! Long time no hear huh!?! When I saw how long it had been since I posted any new pictures of the boys, I couldn't believe it. We have much to update you on, well, not that much, but I did want to put on a few new shots of the boys! I will update more this week sometime, but sometimes things happen and I end up not getting around to it. So tonight before I go to bed, I will put up these few pictures and will add more later!

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Trudi said...

Hello there Stephen's family!! It was so great to see your new pictures! Everyone looks great and I see how the Lord continues to bless each and every one of you!! Enjoy the Texas heat and soak up the sun for us!(heehee...I know how hot it gets since I lived there for 7 years)Love to all....The DelMastro Girls!