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Monday, February 26, 2007

NASA Visit

Yes, I know I just updated, but this past Friday, we took a trip down to the Houston Space Center. It was so cool and I wanted to get the pictures up as soon as I could. We drove the 2 1/2 hours down and spent most of the day there. Unfortunately, by the time we were ready to head home, so was all of Houston! It was rush hour and it took forever to get out of Houston! 4 hours later, we were home after having a fun day at NASA.

It was a special homeschool day there and they had different stations set up for the kids to make different items and to learn specific things. The favorite was crawling through the 3 story Martian Matirx! Think McDonald's play place but much larger and better! We also tried our hand on a flight simulator to land the space shuttle! We saw the first spacecraft that only held 1 man and then a replica of inside the space shuttle, with a man "floating" around. Kru was fascinated with the "men" that looked so real. He kept waving at them and saying hello! Too cute!

We took a tram tour that actually went a few of the buildings at Johnson Space Center. We sat in the observation room at the control room where the Apollo missions were controlled from. Very retro and 70s looking! Very cool. We went into another building that holds the mock ups of the shuttle and the arm of the space station. Quite impressive! The shuttle was HUGE! The last stop of the tour was a huge building that held the SaturnV Rocket that was used in the 70s. It was so big! Dakota really enjoyed himself as we just completed a unit in Science about space. Kye was content with playing in the Martian Matrix and Kru just wanted to run around after the car ride!!!

So here are the pictures of our day at the Space Center!

Are we there yet?
The first 1 man shuttle
"Digging on Mars"
Astronaut Kru
Darrin landing the shuttle
Going up into the shuttle to see the control panels
Astronaut Kye
The car of outerspace!
Dakota controlling inside the shuttle
Dakota lands the shuttle too!
Sitting in front of the Saturn V rocket. It was GYNORMOUS!!!

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