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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Kru Gets a Duck!!!

Hello All!

Not too much new around here! Boring winter you know!

I wanted to put these pictures up of Kru's new bathtub which he loves!!! We just got it for him as he is now sitting up pretty much on his own. He has also transitioned into the next carseat and is no longer portable via the carseat! Bad on the back, but he can now sit in the grocery cart!:)

Kye is thoroughly enjoying his "farm school" as he likes to refer to it. After learning about beavers in January, they are on to SCAT. Yes, when picking him up last week he told me, "Mom, we had bunny poop for snack!" I was a bit confused and then he told me that "Poop is scat." So what was the bunny scat snack? Cocoa Puffs. I guess they are about the same size and all! At least they're being scientific about it. They are learning how we can tell things from animal scat and how everyone and everything poops! He LOVES it! Even on cold days, he loves going on their hikes and seeing sticks, animals and poop!:)

Dakota is getting ready for soccer season to begin. We thought that he would get to play some indoor before the other starts, but just was informed there wasn't enough interest so they cancelled it. Oh well! He continues to do very well. I'll find out more today at his conferences, but I expect to hear good things!

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Will write soon!


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