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Thursday, October 13, 2005

October Already!?!

Hey All!

I can't believe that it is almost the middle of October! Where do the days go? I figured I had better add a new post and a few pictures before the craziness begins starting with Dakota's birthday and not finishing until after the holidays!!!

Things around here continue to be busy and hectic, but such is life, right? I know I think things will slow down when such and such happens, but there seems to always be another such and such to replace the last ones!!!

We have taken Kye out of his little pre-school. Things weren't going so well and he wasn't liking the teacher and throwing fits and all in class. I was a bit frustrated because he liked his other school so well last year, so trying to decide what to do. He goes to Bible Study with me on Tuesdays and loves it, so I guess maybe this other school was too structured for him. I figured he is only 3 and we don't need to have that stress in his life yet! So we are hanging out more around the house.

Dakota has just finished soccer and is well into flag football. He is going to be playing indoor soccer soon and is considering playing basketball for the first time. I think dad has had some influence on that one! We'll see what he decides to do. He also mentions karate, and I've told him he is going to have to choose between a few of these things!!! He was nominated for student council this year. I am very proud!!! I hope that he will enjoy a leadership role and that that may influence his direction in the future.

Kru is going to be my thumb-sucker. I tried so hard with the other boys to redirect and it worked, but little Kru man is not going for that. He will find his thumb and often spit the bink out to take his thumb. It's very cute as you can see in the picture, but it freaks me out! You can't throw away a thumb like you can a bink. He continues to grow and be a good baby. He weighs almost 15 pounds now. We go in Monday for his 4 month shots and check. I hate those shots!

I love this wonderful fall weather that we finally got last week. I was so tired of the 90 degree days in October! Crazy! But we are now into fall and we have bought our pumpkins, (pinecones, as Kye calls them) we are ready. Dakota can barely wait for his birthday and is counting down the days! I look forward to hearing about your adventures! I hope that this beautiful season that we are beginning will continue to remind you of the wonderful Creator and Savior that is displaying His love for us all!


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