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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Finally MOVED!!!!

Hey all!

It has been a long week for us. This time last week we were moving stuff into our new place. And now sitting here this side of that a week later, I'm still exhausted. Actually we are all suffering from allergies or mild colds, haven't decided yet!

Here are a couple of pictures, but wanted you all to know that we are still alive. The house is great and there is so much extra room and storage I'm not quite sure what to do! The boys each have their own room now and Darrin still has an office, but it is in the dungeon as he likes to refer to it. I told him that dungeons don't have nice big windows. What he is referring to is the fact that he is in the unfinished portion of the downstairs. All it needs in drywall up, which we plan on doing as soon as we can buy the house.

The boys are doing well. Dakota is going to be enjoying his last week of freedom before school starts on the 29th. He has already started soccer and will be in zoo camp this coming week. Kye has taken a break from swimming lessons, but we begin those again on the 30th and I will be teaching aquababies too. Darrin is "anxiously" awaiting his 34th birthday that is on the 26th. You all will have to give him a hard time, he feels so old! Kru took his 2 month old pictures on Thursday and they turned out so cute!!! I can't wait to get them back so that you all can see how adorable he was in his golf outfit, including loafers and hat!!!

I hope that your summers are wrapping up in a great way and that the weather is cooler for you than it has been here!

Love to all,

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