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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Everyone Home!

Hello All!

We are officially home. We arrived home yesterday around 5:30. Kru is doing very well and so far hasn't seemed to lose any weight. He had his circumcision yesterday and slept pretty much the rest of the day. Kye and Dakota were anxious to have us both home and seem to be doing alright too. Kye wants to share his toys with his little brother and can't understand why he sleeps so much!

We have been blessed and very thankful that Stacy and her family have been here! Can't have babies without her!! She has been kept busy at the hospital with me and then at the house keeping care of my family! What a great friend she is!!!

I wanted to go to church today and felt up to it, but decided I didn't want to attempt the getting the 3 children ready for church this soon! Maybe next week!!

Thanks for all of your comments and thoughtfulness! Come and visit us soon!!

Will update again after we take Kru to the doctor tomorrow for a weight check! Have a great day!

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